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Centered While Waiting

Parenting, it’s not all smiles and warm fuzzies. There is a lot of that, BUT a lot of parenting is trying to stay centered and embodied enough to know HOW and WHEN to respond to your little person’s life and decisions.  It’s easy to get off center and so its important to get to know what works for YOU to get back on center. Just like in meditation it is a process of being aware when you are off center and then knowing how to find center again.

In the case of birth we have a 5 week window from 37 weeks (early term labor) to 40 weeks (term labor) to 42 weeks (late term labor) in which we can expect the child to decide it is time to be born.  All we can really do is keep ourselves healthy, remember to breathe, take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally while we wait to RESPOND to their actions.

This is great preparation for the rest of our parenting lives.  Once they are out we can SUPPORT them, but we can’t really make them do much…burping, farting, pooping, none of this happens on cue.  As they get older it becomes sometimes even more challenging to let them do their thing and then know how to support them in their process and stay centered in OUR OWN PROCESS.  Our children come as blank slates, but with a lot to teach us.  If we can stay centered then we can LEARN from them and SHARE in their joys and sorrows.

Natural Support for The Immune System

Cell Salts are a great way to deal with being  surrounded by folks with cold and flu. They can help boost your immune system naturally.

CELL SALTS are Homeopathically prepared from basic mineral compounds that cells depend on. They are small pellets for water or juice.

Take 2 pellets of the #5 cell salt (Kali Mur) at least 3 times a day.  This supports the body/mind system to lessen inflammation which lessens your chance of “catching something”.

If you do feel something coming on take the #4 cell salt (Ferr Phos) every 5 minutes until the symptom abates and then take every time you feel the symptom creeping in.  This cell salt helps increase the oxygen in your system so it speeds the healing process.

If you find you get every disease that comes along, try the #2 cell salt (Calc Phos) 3 times a day until you find the system is more resilient!


One tasty option is to cut up a red onion and generously drizzle honey over the top and cover for about 8 hours.  Drink the “honey juice” that collects at the bottom of the bowl.  This is terrific for sore throats.  Some folks I know keep this on the back of their stove so it is always slightly heated and then take a spoonful when inspired…and some eat the onion too!

Elderberry syrup has been a great addition to my household.  As an adult I take 1 tablespoon of the syrup a day if I hear of lots of disease floating around.


Many folks I know swear by sucking on zinc lozenges.  They say they rarely get the disease du jour when they remember to take one daily.


Uriel Pharmacy makes many wonderful products.  I find their Dandelion/Cinnabar excellent when I feel like I am coming down with a cold.  If I take it as I feel symptoms, at the beginning something, once every 15 minutes, the cold never develops.

ALL of the above are safe for pregnant and nursing moms!

SPACE please, on your own!

Creating space for your organs and your baby can be a big deal in pregnancy and it is nice to know some poses you can do on your own!

This can also be used for others who need to create more flexibility in their ribcage.

Thread the Needle on the Wall:

Bring the chair to the wall and straddle the chair facing the wall.  Place the arms up the wall and tuck the tail under. Take 10 deep breaths into the side of the ribs and also down in the sit bones.


Now, thread one arm between the chest and wall walking the arm and hand under opposite armpit and as far from the breastbone as possible. Turn the head so the ear is on the wall and the nose is facing the threaded arm’s hand. Angle the hand either in line with shoulder or lower, find your comfort zone. Take 10 deep breaths.


Come back to center walking both hands as high up the wall as you can and take 10 deep breaths. Feel the difference between the 2 sides.

Now, thread the other arm through finding the comfort zone for this arm and shoulder. It could be quite different. Honor that difference. Take another 10 deep breaths.


Come back to center and take another 10 breaths noticing the changes!

This is great for opening shoulders, chest and ribs and it’s easy on the knees!

SPACE please!

In the last trimester of pregnancy getting a good deep breath or even having room for more than a snack can become a problem. Getting some temporary space can feel heavenly. Here is a partner pose that can help create space.

Mom sits with big toes together and knees far apart. She sits as heavily on her feet as she can while tucking her tail under while being pulled up.

Partner stands either in front (or for taller folk like in the picture, behind) and lifts mom from shoulders, while mom holds on to shoulders or arms. Partner gently coaxes the ribs up and away from the pelvis.


(Thanks to Mami and Paul for demonstrating!)

Now everyone take 5-10 deep breaths!

This can be helpful in labor as the sitting down action can help the baby drop while mom gets a good deep breath!

New to Flower Essences?

If you are new to flower essences, the following essences are a great way to start. These essences focus on ‘Being present in the moment and allowing yourself to expand (instead of contract)”.

  1. Healing Herbs: Five-flower formula
  2. Desert Alchemy: CRISIS: Desert Emergency Formula
  3. Alaskan Essences: Soul Support

Trust your instincts about which seems best for you!

During pregnancy or breastfeeding I recommend that moms put 2 drops in a glass of water and sip.  This can be a life saver from 37 weeks on when you never know when the baby will decide to be born!

Safe Use of Essential Oils during Pregnancy and with Children

Aromatherapy in regards to Pregnancy, Infants, Toddlers and Children.

I have been practicing aromatherapy for more than 20 years. I started when my children were under 5 years old, so I learned the hard way. It is very easy to overdose young children (and for that matter pregnant and older folks too). So I tend to be conservative when it comes to these circumstances.

Hydrosols and essential oils were created by humans to have a concentrated aromatic
plant material available all year long. When folks were “settling the west” they distilled
their large amounts of collected aromatic material, saved the “waters” they distilled
and threw away the essential oil that floated on top because it was “poisonous”. Make
no mistake about it, essential oils are powerful (most oils when undiltued can burn the
skin and it is so easy to put too many drops on a tissue or a diffuser or pillowcase.
It takes 17 lbs of spanish thyme to create 1 lb of thyme essential oil and 2 tons of rose
petals to create 1 lb of rose oil. As you can see, this concentrated material that needs to be handled with knowledge and care.

For the pregnant moms and children under 5 years old, I highly recommend hydrosols. The easiest and best application for babies is spraying in the air or place a half a dropperful in a bath. Internally, I would recommend 1-2 drops of hydrosol in a sippy cup for those who are drinking out of cups until they are 3 and 4 drops until they are 5. For those 5-10 years old 8 drops in water, and for those over 10 you can use a dropperful.

The following are my favorite essences for children:

  1. Rosa Damascena

Rose is excellent for soothing the heart center, as well asbalancing hormones. So during pregnancy this is an excellent headache remedy. For pregnancy or anyone having hotflashes or night-sweats put 1 tablespoon of rose hydrosol (rose water) in a large pitcher of water and drink all day long. You can also spray on the face which feels lovely.

  1. Melissa Officinalis (Lemon Balm)

This is an antiviral so it prevents colds and flus, as well as treats colds and flus. It’s also
excellent for cold sores and any type of herpes. Melissa is excellent for anything to
do with unsettled nerves including ADD, ADHD, panic attacks and insomnia.
Hydrosol or 2 tsp dried leaf per cup or boiling water; apply tea to cotton pad and place
on cold sore several times a day.

  1. Lavendula Vera (Lavender)

Lavender is excellent for bug bites, for burns including sunburns and for calming the nerves. Lavender hydrosol can be sprayed over a fussy baby or mommy to help them relax and fall asleep. I had a yoga student who sprayed lavender hydrosol over her twin
babies as a bedtime ritual to help calm her and her children.

An excellent book about hydrosols is: Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy by Suzanne

Rose water can be found in gourmet markets, Middle Eastern and Indian grocery stores
and in liquor stores (some alcoholic drinks have rosewater in them).

If you are interested in highest quality hydrosols, Mountain Rose Herbs is an excellent
source (

Hydrosols should be stored in a cool dry place and usually need to be replaced after a

Beginnings in Understanding the Power of Nature

I began my interest in Natural Medicine alternatives when my infant son developed allergies.  I had great assistance from alternative practitioners and from other like-minded mothers.  I wanted to be able to begin healing him when I noticed something coming on, not wait for a full blown ear infection or intense suffering from the allergies.

In my learning, I found a great book, Natural Medicine for Children by Julian Scott, Ph.D. that broadened my world view.  In it he gives multiple choices for each “dis-ease”, massages, flower remedies, herbs, and homeopathy.  When my daughter came along I expected that I was prepared, but alas she was a different person, with different issues and I had more to learn.

I had always had a interest in herbs, but didn’t know all their endless possibilites. The ease of putting the flower remedies in juice or water and, for me, drops under my tongue was very appealing.   At the same time I was studying yoga and aromatherapy and I found placing essential oils very diluted in the bath or diffusing into the room very helpful.  But sometimes they would over-power my children.

As I taught pregnant and nursing women and heard their concerns I steered them towards the book Natural Medicine and encouraged their use of 5 flower formula/rescue remedy (same essence, different manufacturers).  I found that this was easy for them to remember and took care of many issues.

(Truth be told the more we panic about a situation the worse it gets, so when we ease into using 5-flower formula the problem mellows or sometimes goes away!!)