About Flower Essences

Flower essences are vibrational liquids that hold the energy/plant intelligence of a particular plant—each of which has its own soul lesson for us. For example, Impatiens essence teaches us patience; Corn teaches us to ground; Dandelion teaches us flexibility; Scottish Primrose teaches us peacefulness. By using the flower essences on a regular basis for a specific time period our souls can incorporate and integrate this information, which then becomes a part of who we are and how we operate.

The beauty of flower essences is their ability to help ease us in the direction that we have been trying to go. We are always looking for peace and wholeness—flower essences help point us in the right direction.

I use flower essences from several different sources including California Flower Essences (FES), Desert Alchemy Flower Essences and Findhorn Flower Essences, as well as sources in India, Alaska and others. Flower Essences do not interfere with any medications or treatments you may be taking. The modalities are safe and effective in balancing your energy system so that it works more efficiently and effectively. Some clients find it decreases pain and the need for other medications.

There are so many flower (and gem) essences to choose from that it is helpful to have a practitioner work with you one on one. During a session Penni will ask you to set an intention for the session and then create a custom blend just for you.

After we make a personal bottle just for you to take home we determine how often you should take it.

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“I had been working with a chiropractor and going to yoga classes during my first and second pregnancies. Towards the end of the second pregnancy the adjustments weren’t holding longer then two days due to the relaxin in my system. I tried acupuncture and that helped, but it still wasn’t right. During my flower essence session I felt very peaceful and at the end I felt a big shift. When I came my husband noticed the shift in me. I felt much more peaceful about the birth and my pelvis felt right. What a relief!”
~ Rosalyn Yu, Burlingame

“It didn’t change the situation, but I felt much less panic and anxiety about the situation.”
~ ZS, Redwood City

For more information on flower essences you can go to: https://www.desert-alchemy.com/faq/.